The Seamen’s Home has 34 rooms and a living space for groups (AP) of maximum 16 persons. The 15 rooms on the 1st floor are kept solely for seamen.

There are other 10 rooms with single beds and 9 rooms with two beds.

Reservations can be made partly, for a double-bed and/or double-bed with single bed for up to three persons.

The living space for groups consists of four sleeping rooms with two beds - one above the other -, a sitting room with television having a balcony, as well as a kitchen, a shower room with two showers and two separate water closets. Occupying these with up to twelve persons is advisable, but possible up to sixteen persons.

Are you interested to book the living space for (a) group(s) or a room with three beds, please contact us, as that is not possible to be booked online.